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Recent Instagram Challenge

Hey guys! So recently someone tagged me in a post and challenged me to draw Yoko Littner from the very popular show Gurren Lagan. And while I normally ignore these type of spam-type posts, I had free time and it seemed fun! I would like to preface by saying that I’ve never seen Gurren Lagan, […]

My Displate Page

Ayyeeee, I haven’t posted in a long time… (sorry!). But hey I just wanted to share my displate page with you. I ran into displate by chance a few years about before I started drawing. They’re a bit pricey– but that’s because they awesome metal prints that are magnetically mounted. I’ve start uploaded my art […]


I'm a self-taught Artist from Wisconsin, and my art journey began in 2016, when my lovely wife purchased an iPad Pro for my birthday. I’ve always loved anime and manga and have always wanted to learn how to draw all the amazing characters I saw. However I never thought I had the ability until I got that tablet and set out to learn.

Since then, through hard work and daily practice (and fun!), I not only sell my art online, as you will see on this lovely website, but I also sell my fan art at a local anime store in Kenosha, WI as well as hosted my own Artist Alley Booth at the 2017 Anime Milwaukee Convention.

I do most -- if not all my art -- on my trusty iPad. I mainly create 8.5x11 and 11x17 poster prints of my work to sell online. Additionally I partner with Displate so that people can get metal prints of my work and I also occasionally print my work on canvas by request!

Commissions are always welcome!