Staying Motivated

So I have been drawing for …what? 5 years now? And I find it interesting to think about what motivates me. But what motivates anyone? Joy? Love? Money? Power? For me, as much as I would love to make a living off of selling art, there’s also a part of me that knows that if […]

Working with a Digital Medium

So like I’ve said in a previous post– I have been drawing consistently, almost daily, for about 6-7 months now. It’s not a ‘picture-a-day’ type thing as some designs take me two or more days to finish or other days, I just cant seem to find a solid groove. I’m not the only one who […]

First Post and New Beginnings

Look, I’m going to be honest with you…. sure the site headers says “gottyj art” and all, but I’m not really sure I consider myself an artist or even an amateur artist at that. When I was younger, about 11 or so, I got really into anime and always wanted to draw the characters I […]