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Hey guys! So recently someone tagged me in a post and challenged me to draw Yoko Littner from the very popular show Gurren Lagan. And while I normally ignore these type of spam-type posts, I had free time and it seemed fun!

I would like to preface by saying that I’ve never seen Gurren Lagan, I know OF it, but I have never actually watched the show. So first… I had to look up who Yoko Littner was… Then realized that I’ve definitely seen her on line or people cosplaying at cons… Good stuff!

Anyways , I decided to do it manga-style.. shocker right ? That’s like most of my shit! But I was even able to remind some or my old screen tone brushes for the sky and her hair and I really LOVE the final result.

It’s funny, some stylistic quirks you develop over time. One that stands out to me is that I like not completing lines. Not everywhere , that would be weird ! But in certain spots… Not closing a strand of hair or giving sspace between lines in the background and foreground etc. It’s honestly just a stylistic choice , I like how it looks but that doesn’t mean it would look worse if I didn’t do that?

Here are some examples

Hair strands not connecting

Clouds don’t connect

So do what you feel comfortable with! But also, and this took me a long time to learn myself, don’t use “style” as an excuse to do stuff incorrectly or lazily. So, for instance, when I first started drawing and my friend would point out shit that’s wrong, I wouldn’t say “it’s because I’m doing it anime style”, when in reality I was just doing it wrong and didn’t want to acknowledge it.

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